White Winter Hymnal (#12)

White Winter Hymnal

So here I was, wondering how I’ll top Gorilla Sugar Skull as I really think it’s my best ‘One a Day’ so far… To be honest it was struggle street in coming up with something so I thought I’d draw a picture of the next song that came on my iTunes. Thank Sausage Jesus that the song was White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes, a lovely little folk song about children’s heads falling off in the snow! For some reason, I always picture a little fox (I wonder why?!) wearing a little jacket and scarf walking through the snow. So there you have it, my drawing of a little fox in the snow brought to you by the letter F and the band Fleet Foxes.

You may also notice the white dots are getting used rather extensively throughout the project. They have been stars in the Pale Blue Dot and The Leadership illustrations and now snow! Copy and paste is your friend when you have 20 minutes in which to finish!


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Dian Fossey’s tattoo (#11)

mmmmm, sugar.... mmmm, gorilla.


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I’m fascinated by sugar skulls and skeletons in general. I have awesome lino-prints of skeletons playing guitar and a sugar-skull Abe Lincoln and a few other strange skeleton pieces. I’m not sure what it is about skeletons I like so much but it could be that they are a reminder to live life as much as you can… I’ve believe death to be the end, but while some people believe that to be quite morbid and sad, I find it quite liberating in the fact we have one chance here on earth so we better make the most of it and do something amazing while we are here… don’t waste any time thinking this life is a trial-run!

</ depressing section of blog post>

OK, enough of that… today I decided to draw a sugar skull in the “Sailor Jerry” old-school tattoo style that is popular with the young ones these days. I didn’t want to do the normal old human skull you see around and as I was sitting down to draw I started to brainstorm what kind of skull I would draw. An alien? an animal? a Star Wars stormtrooper? I was a bit perplexed at all the things I could draw.

Luckily, a good friend on mine, Big Dave Streeter, an awesome illustrator in his own right, had come down from his farm to stay the night for a few Pales and a hot-chilli spaghetti bolognaise. I mention Big Dave because he has a video production company called GorillaVision and one of his great cartoon characters he has developed is named Gordon the Gorilla. So, that was it… Gorilla Sugar Skull!

I quickly googled gorilla skull, used an image I found as a reference and went to work. You also may wonder why I put diamonds into the skull’s eye sockets… it is a little in-joke for all you Simpson’s fans out there…  (yes, I know they are chimpanzees in that episode but hey… chimp, gorilla, they are all hairy ape-like things). I’m also not too sure if gorillas eat bananas, I’m probably being species-ist and for that, I apologise.

Illustrated on the 30th January 2011. It took 23 minutes… because my little girl Neave needed me to put on a new DVD on for her… 🙂

Self Portrait (#10)

There comes a time in any young artist’s life where he embarks on the road of self discovery and … *pfft* yeah, whatever! Today’s post is a self-portrait. Just an illustration of me by me.

Just to note:

• The fills in-between the hair outlines were handled with Illustrator Live Paint… lazy but necessary when coming off of a few drinks the night before

This illustration was done on the 29th January 2011. It was completed in 14 minutes.

Me. In orange.

Keep the Change (#9)

The Leadership. F*@K Yeah!

Today’s ‘One a Day Project” image is inspired by a classic interweb stumble-upon when I came across an awesome alt-country-rock-folk band by the name of The Leadership.

I was cruising the nets yesterday looking for some inspiration for a branding job I was working on and through various click throughs and a random jump to wicked illustrator Bill Connors site (who also designed the band’s album cover), I wound up at The Leadership’s webpage.  You can find their page here which features their new album Frontiers, streaming track by track.

Now, myself being a curious cat, I decided to have a listen and Sweet Sausage Jesus, I’m glad I did.

These dudes rock!

After an enjoyable listen to each of the eight tracks, I purchased the album and sent the band a message mentioning their awesome rock-ed-ness. I can seriously say I’ve been playing the album on repeat ever since. Stand out tracks for me would be Keep the Change, Little Black Book, the amazing “how-alt-country-rock-should-be-done” Bring it Back with a Gilmour-esque guitar solo to melt your eyeballs and Flesh & Bones featuring something rock has been missing for a while… a kick-ass sax solo that perfectly fits the track.

Anyway, as the “One a Day Project” is me drawing something in 20 minutes or less, Im naturally going to pump out something that is close at hand and in my mind at the time, hence today’s image features The Leadership. The image looks pretty random but it does reference a few lyrics within the above tracks and hell, I had 20 minutes so give the man a break! *hehehe*

Check out The Leadership here… Well worth the effort!

This image was drawn on 28th January 2011. It took 22 minutes to complete (yeah I know, I went over the 20!)

7 days a week, 365 days a year (#8)

Well, I’ve now kept up this little project for a whole seven days! Seven images have been uploaded (not including this one) with such diverse subjects as Sausage Jesus, Ken Oath – Aussie Mystery Man of Mystery, Leeroy Lion with the mash potato mane, Carl Sagan and a little tribute to Australia Day. Please, have a look back through the first seven images and leave a comment. I’d like to know what people think of my apparent insanity!

To begin the second week I’ve done a little drawing based on the project itself. Just One, 7/365.

  • Just one drawing
  • Each day of the week (7)
  • for 365 days of the year

If I keep this up for a full year Im going to be pretty chuffed.

Im really digging the typography on this one, as most of the drawing time was spent on getting the text right.

The below was drawn on 27th January 2011. It took 19 minutes.

Just one drawing every day for one year.

This Sydney Cove place looks like a good spot… (#7)

In 1788, the British First Fleet sailed into Botany Bay to establish a penal colony. Finding Botany Bay unsuitable, they sailed 12km north to Sydney Cove,  pitched a few tents there… and BLAMMO! Australia was born.

Today, people celebrate Australia Day/Hottest 100 Day/Invasion Day… call it what you like, I’ll still be eating burnt sausages and drinking beer. Though I tried not to be political, I at least made it tongue-in-cheek… sorta.

This drawing took 20 minutes and was done on January 26th, 2011.

1788 - Australia done got borned

The Pale Blue Dot (#6)

Carl Sagan was a pretty cool guy and a hero of mine. Sagan was also an astronomer, astrophysicist, cosmologist and author and many of you would probably have seen one of his most famous docos, COSMOS. Space and the betterment of the human race was his thing and he did it very well.

The best introduction to Sagan in my humble opinion is a little clip called Pale Blue Dot. The first time I saw the below video I was pretty floored by it. It begins with an photograph (which the clip is named after) of a tiny speck in the vastness of space… that speck is the Earth as taken by Voyager 1 at a distance of 6.1 billion kilometers. Im not going to try and put words to what I felt and thought, as Carl Sagan has already done that a lot better than I could as he reads an excerpt from his book (funnily enough called, Pale Blue Dot).

Seriously… watch this clip.  PALE BLUE DOT – YouTube.

</gushing hero worship>

Now, the drawing. I was trying to come up with an iconic symbol to represent Sagan… In the end with lots of stuffing about I was running out of time so I used his head with that wonderful mop of silver hair he rocked later in life! 🙂

Here it is: This drawing was done on 25th January 2011. It took 20 minutes.

Carl Sagan. Legend

Leeroy Lion with the mash potato mane (#5)

OK, it’s early Monday morning… thought I better knock this one out now as work will be hectic this week as it is most weeks!

This drawing was done on 24th January, 2011 at 7.05am. It was completed in 20 minutes.

So, the story behind Leeroy Lion with the mash potato mane. I really dig Dick Bruna books… always have. I love his simple style and bold colours. I was reading a Miffy book to my daughter Neave a few nights ago and thought it would be cool to do Bruna-style character of my own. Luckily this thought stuck in my head and I remembered it! Now, I’m not comparing my skills to Ol’ Dick’s. As you can see the inspiration from his style is there in this drawing but this is my own take.

Now, most of the time it takes me ages to get animal faces right, but for some reason I can do lions pretty easily… only a few shapes and it looks pretty good so I began with a lion’s head. I was drawing away and was trying to make the lion not too scary as this was meant to be a fake children’s book character after all. As I was drawing his mane started to look “sloppy” and reminded me of mash potato – Mash Potato Mane! I LOL’d and got to refining the look and adding in some colour.

At this point i was about 17 minutes in and I really wanted to hand draw the helvetica text but to be honest it looked like crap so I ended up using the proper font… lazy I know, but I wanted to knock this off in 20 minutes. And the name Leeroy? Sometimes, for a laugh I call my little brother Liam, Leeroy. He also happens to be Neave’s uncle and her favourite person in the world, so this drawing is a bit of a dedication to Liam and Neave’s friendship.

Tasty and Dangerous!


from “You Beauty” (Australian Slang)

1. Heard when someone is excited or pleased with a situation, event or prospective engagement of a future event… and stuff.
2. Popular with surfing, hang-gliding freaks named Alex.

Inspired by my brother from another mother Alex Cleland… did the “yew!” first then remembered back to the days of old in primary school when everything needed that bubble-text, drop-shadow, 3-d coolness so I added that. The diamond-y heart-ish shape just formed around it from then, no reason other than I thought it looked cool as…. that’s it!

This drawing was done on Sunday, 23rd January. It took 17 minutes.

Get ya YEW on!

WristWatch® RockClock (#3)

The WristWatch® Rock Clock is an Australian Precision timepiece and disco-resistant to 40 feet.

I did this drawing on Satuday, 22nd January 2011. It took 19 minutes to complete

I wanted to do something that would kick ass as a t-shirt and I wanted to feature a very hairy arm in some way. If you would like to purchase this image as a t-shirt, please email me and if I get enough interested I may consider thinking about feigning interest in producing t-shirts. But seriously, I really dig the way the word Rock looks when written in my style of script and started off with just that word. After a little while of playing around with a few different options of how the word could look I got the feeling just one single word might look a bit *meh*. Some clever wordplay later, I came up with “Time to Rock” which in a short while generated the same *meh* feeling… and at that very moment, for some unknown reason I looked at my long, pasty, hairy arms and wondered why I didn’t own a wristwatch…

<funny story>

Whenever Im on the phone with someone and they ask me if I have time to do anything or want to make an appointment and give me a specific time (or I to them) I look at my wrist like I have a watch on, even though I have never really worn a watch for most of my adult life… its weird and I’ve done it in front of people I’ve been with and they have LOL’d… lots

</funny story>

Anyway, yadda yadda yadda, Wrist watch, rock clock… you see how I made the connection!

What time is it?! *note the hands pointing to 666... ROCK AND ROLL!*