WristWatch® RockClock (#3)

The WristWatch® Rock Clock is an Australian Precision timepiece and disco-resistant to 40 feet.

I did this drawing on Satuday, 22nd January 2011. It took 19 minutes to complete

I wanted to do something that would kick ass as a t-shirt and I wanted to feature a very hairy arm in some way. If you would like to purchase this image as a t-shirt, please email me and if I get enough interested I may consider thinking about feigning interest in producing t-shirts. But seriously, I really dig the way the word Rock looks when written in my style of script and started off with just that word. After a little while of playing around with a few different options of how the word could look I got the feeling just one single word might look a bit *meh*. Some clever wordplay later, I came up with “Time to Rock” which in a short while generated the same *meh* feeling… and at that very moment, for some unknown reason I looked at my long, pasty, hairy arms and wondered why I didn’t own a wristwatch…

<funny story>

Whenever Im on the phone with someone and they ask me if I have time to do anything or want to make an appointment and give me a specific time (or I to them) I look at my wrist like I have a watch on, even though I have never really worn a watch for most of my adult life… its weird and I’ve done it in front of people I’ve been with and they have LOL’d… lots

</funny story>

Anyway, yadda yadda yadda, Wrist watch, rock clock… you see how I made the connection!

What time is it?! *note the hands pointing to 666... ROCK AND ROLL!*

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