Into a Clear Lake (#40)

Lake, Codex, Radiohead
No one around

Today’s image is my take on a new Radiohead song Codex (check it out in the YouTube clip after the jump) and a continuation from yesterday’s illustration which, the more I look at, the more it looks like the sun is being reflected in a pool of water.

Codex is a really haunting song and the image of a crystal blue lake with feet dangling in it has played through my mind when I hear the song. I hope you like today’s image… if you do leave a comment and tell your friends! šŸ™‚


Easy like Sunday morning (#39)


That's why I'm easy...


I’m yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like Faith No More’s cover of the Commodore’sĀ Easy. I wanted to do a typography based illustration today and this is what came out… I started it on Sunday morning but it’s being posted on Sunday afternoon! šŸ˜€

Burn Baby Burn! (#38)


Both Ends


It really does seem like people are getting busier and busier. With the constant barrage of email and social networks and with our phones being almost as powerful as the computers we work on, the technology which makes it easier to work, makes us work more… are we burning the candle at both ends, and what happens when there is nothing left to burn?

Once again, today’s image almost didn’t make it! I was racing in the Beachport Triathlon today, and although I got sunburnt I had a great race and am very happy with the result. Well done to all my tri buddies that raced today!

God’s Dice (#37)

Roll'em High

Today’s image continues the theme of natural disasters and how human’s comprehend them, explain them and deal with the aftermath. Early morning is my normal Creative Panic time but today, I almost didn’t get this one done as I had a 5am start to be at a video shoot that was 170 kilometres away from where I woke up and I have only just got back home at 7.45pm! Crazy day!

Environmental Punk Scene (#36)


A is for ANARCHY!


I was having a chat with my wife yesterday and I asked her if she thought there was an increase in natural disasters or is it just that with news and information so readily available to us from every corner of the globe, we see more of what happens in the world everyday and there is no increase to the amount of terrible things happening… is it just the same as it was? We were both left very perplexed…

I’m pretty sure human beings have an adverse effected on the weather of our planet through climate change but I don’t go as far as to think it is signaling the end times as some very left-leaning environmentalists say, nor do I believe anything the climate change denialists have to put on the table either… the debate seems very “extreme” on both ends of the argument. And then you have the earthquakes which just happen because our little blue planet is made up of lots of plates all floating around on each other… stuff moves, things shake.

So today’s image… you’d think I’d have some awesome rationale about why and where and who and when but I just wanted to draw some sticks. šŸ™‚

Stay Strong NZ (#35)

Stay Strong

Mother Nature has the sh*ts on at the moment huh! Insane floods in Queensland, Bushfires in WA and now our cruzzy-bros across the water in New Zealand have just been hit by an earthquake in beautiful Christchurch. I’ve been to NZ as I have a two sets of cousins over there and I remember visiting Christchurch, seeing the cathedral and the old Wizard fellow that got around in the square there.

I’m always impressed by the way people will get up and help in situations like this. Watching the news, you could see scores of people helping strangers out, even if it was just a hug and a pat on the back so today’s image is a quick little illustration for the people of Christchurch and NZ. The ground may tremble but our hearts and minds remain firm.

I, Synthesiser (#34)


Who doesn’t love a good old vintage synth? I know Trent Reznor does, and Kraftwerk. Daft Punk seem to use them a bit… everyone loves a synth and today, I’m sharing that love.

This one is definitely a “Get it out the door quick” One a Day taking about 15 minutes. The last few have been at least an hour in the making from concept to completion. Also, as is becoming a bit of a habit for me, I’m using textures with blend modes on the illustrations to grunge them up a bit and give them some depth.

I’m also working on a t-shirt for a specific type of crazy person which should land in the next few days!

The Almost Invisible Hipster (#33)

Hispters. Too cool not to be completely un-seen

Um, yeah… not sure where this came from.

I wanted to draw some cool looking black rimmed glasses but they looked kinda boring on their own… but add some messy hair, a funky moustache, a flannelette shirt and you’ve got yourself the almost invisible hipster… almost because he would still want people to see the rocking hair and ‘tache combo, I know I would.

I’m enjoying working with the longer canvas at the moment and I’m digging the hell out of that font I used for today and yesterday.

The King of Limbs (#32)

The King of Limbs, Radiohead
Radiohead: King of Limbs

Radiohead are cool. They also released their latest album King of Limbs yesterday and today’s illustration is a tribute to the album and borrows from a line in the song Lotus Flower which I’d say is my favourite off the album so far.

The line you ask?

“Just to feed your fast ballooning head”. The words conjured up some really vivid images in my head and I thought they would look cool enough to get down on paper/computer. If you are interested in hearing the full song, check the YouTube clip below with ol’ Thom Yorke putting on some funky dance moves!

I’m really liking the new album but will reserve final judgement until tomorrow, I should have listened to it at least 30 times by then… I do like my Radiohead!

Winston’s Black Dog (#31)

...and the black dog walked over him

One whole month of The Creative Panic’s One a Days! Really didn’t think I’d last that long!

Today’s image is rather bleak and I considered not posting it seeing it was the one month milestone, but The Creative Panic is all about what I draw any given day so who am I to deny this illustrations introduction to the world.

I was reading about Sir Winston Churchill and how he suffered from depression throughout his life. He referred to the depressed feeling as his ‘black dog’ and that term is now quite widely used to describe the condition. Funnily enough as I was drawing this image, the song Dog by Andy Bull came on iTunes, the lyrics of which speak about the black dog of depression too! Crazy stuff!

Have a listen to Andy’s song in the YouTube clip below. It’s a very cool tune and features Lisa Mitchell on backing vocals (though you will be hard pressed at times to actually figure out which one of the vocalists she is as Andy has a unique voice for a guy!)

Almost forgot… Gorilla Sugar Skulls sticker comp! If you want to score one of these sweet stickers, then just comment on this post which of the 31 One a Day’s is your favourite and why. Doesn’t need to be an essay, just a few words and Ill pick 5 random replies who each get a sticker! YEW!