There is a party in my head and I wish they would turn the music down (#71)




Woke up today with a damn headache and it’s still hanging around… professional hazard for someone who spends 10+ hours a day staring at a computer screen.


Spider (#70)


Spiders. Not Cute.



A real quick Panic today… a bit over it and just want to sit down and chill out. Here is The Spider Illustration, brought to you by the letter S and the number 70.


Key to my Heart (#68)


For Elle, Neave and Baby Hood #2

Today’s Panic is a personal one. My lovely and heavily pregnant wife pointed out to me last night I hadn’t dedicated an illustration to her so to rectify that here is today’s… You will notice the top of the key has the letters E, N and a ? for Ellen, Neave and Baby Hood #2 which is due in three weeks!


You girls (and whatever Baby Hood turns out to be…) have the key to my heart. Don’t lose it, they are expensive to replace 😉



The illustration today has a bit of a Mambo vibe, inspired by a few illustrative heroes of mine, namely Reg Mombassa and Jeff Ragless.

The Octopus Illustration (#67)


O for Octopus!

OK, I took the easy option today and went with another animal… this time an octopus which seems to be the go to animal for predicting future events like the NSW Elections (mind you a blind sloth with a rotten apple for a brain could have predicted that outcome).


So, I hope you enjoy The Octopus Illustration!

Boris the Cossack Unicorn (#66)


Boris gets down!


I haven’t done a character type Panic for a while so I thought today would be the day. I asked Neave what kind of thing I should draw today and she asked for a Unicorn. I didn’t have the Cossack theme in mind when I started but it took me a while to get the legs looking anywhere near correct and I just kinda gave up and decided the unicorn would be dancing and the way the legs were looking would have to do! 🙂

Neave has given a critique on the illustration by saying it sucks because unicorns don’t dance nor should have it been a boy.


Don’t Run! (#64)


Don't Run!

My little girl Neave was wanting to do some craft this afternoon after childcare and she asked for some scissors. Once Elle had given them to her, Neave held them the proper way and moving at a glacial pace started walking towards her little table. It was very cute to see how slow she was going because she knew… you don’t run with scissors 🙂