Mystic Mountain (#132)

Mystic Mountain Madness

Another real life illustration… unfortunately I didn’t know when to stop on this one and now it’s a pretty full-on piece of weirdness.

Drawn on 160gsm A3 gouache paper with Letraset Tri Pantone Markers


Shapes on the Lamb: Octagon (#131)

The job, the family, the lie.

Octagon has been on the lamb for a long time. He has established himself in the square community, has a square wife with a lovely square house… if only they knew how many sides he really has.

Shapes on the Lamb: The final lineup

The full series drawn with Letraset Pantone Markers and Staedtler inking pens on A3 160gsm acid free gouache paper.

Leaves and things (#127)

See-through trees... Almost as scary as flying sharks.

Another real life illustration in that I have zero help from a computer or the undo button and another tree which I seem to be favouring lately too. Some close ups of the detail after the jump.

Illustration done on 160gsm A3 gouache art paper with Letraset Pantone markers and Staedtler fine art pens.

Detail 1
Detail 2

Trippin’ on a Sugar Overload (#125)

Back to the marker and paper in the real world today with another abstractly piece drawn with the letraset Pantone markers. You will start to see a pattern in the colours I’m using on these pieces… it’s because I only have seven usable markers left! Time for some more I think!

So, I started drawing with no real thing in mind apart from some nice contrasting shapes and weirdness and what turned out could only be described as the visuals you would get from too much sugar and other good stuff, hence the title! 🙂

Once again, drawn on 160gsm acid-free gouache paper (for that nice watercolourly effect) with Letraset Pantone Tria markers (all seven of them!)

Tangled (#124)

Darn pesky kids vandalis'n me tree over there done yonder.

I got to thinking about family today and how entwined are we to our family tree. Does your ancestral heritage have any influence on who you are now. This lead me to think that it must really start to become a tangled mess of inherited traits and oddities as more generations are born with the introduction of other families DNA into the “pool” as well as dormant attributes reappearing generations later.

How much do I have in common with an ancestor from 150 years ago and how different will my great-great-great grandchildren be from me? I suppose I could take up genealogy but I have too many hobbies already 🙂