Billy the Beast (#162)

Kids… sometimes they are just nasty little things. 🙂




The Letter D (#161)

Man, I’m cutting it fine again tonight! Major creative block tonight… nothing really came out as it normally does.

I decided to continue the Letter series I’ve done… this time it is the letter D, in bones… for, um death and stuff.

The Brigadier (#160)

After last night’s very rushed job (literally posted with 2 minutes of the day left…) which really didn’t look at all like what I had in my head but had to go with it anyway I decided to focus on trying to get some emotion through in my character’s faces.

What can you see in the Old Brigadier’s face….?

Alien Anarchy (#158)

Had a hankering to draw some kind of alien soldier thingo after watching the first few episodes of Falling Skies… it’s not a bad show and I’m looking forward to where they go with it.

My illustration isn’t meant to look like any of the aliens on the show… but, you know… the “Grey” thing makes them all look similar anyway.

Supa-Glue! (#157)

Wear gloves lest ye become a four-fingered freddy.

My little girl Neave was pumped this morning to count her money-box money, so she brought the Pink Pig money-box into the lounge room, gave it a good shake and in the process, the leg of the big and a sizeable part of its under-carriage cracked and fell off!

I then proceeded to tell Neave of a wonderful product called super-glue… it’s supa!