Moonwalk! (#193/365)

Moon walk baby! MOOOOOOOOON WALK!


Bonfire (#192/365)

After my Bring on Summer Panic from yesterday, today’s Panic subject can only happen in the winter… BONFIRE! Standing around a huge pile of trees and logs, lighting it on fire and drinking beers with mates!

That what I’m doing tonight! 🙂

Dress your Own Geek Kit (#188/365)

Introducing the “Dress Your Own Geek” Kit featuring:

  • T-shirts with obscure Star Wars references
  • Messy hairstyles
  • Funky geek spectacles
  • Three day growth with Cheezel dust
  • Various badges and stickers with geek-tastic references
    to Unix, Math, Evolutionary Theory, Shaun of the Dead
    and Doctor Who!
  • Well-worn trackpants
Get yours NOW!

Slam Dunk Breast Cancer! (#184/365)

My company helloFriday is a major sponsor of SEABL basketball team, The Pioneers and tonight is the first Pioneers in Pink event where the boys will play in all pink uniforms to raise awareness of breast cancer and support for those it affects. Going to be an awesome night of some great basketball and fundraising!