Take a Seat (#224/365)

I am starting to feel like I want to draw again after a good month or two of completely over doing an Illustration a Day… I was starting to over think concepts and fussing over silly stuff which added to the time to do a Panic. Lucky, I got myself out of that and am back to the slap-dash-what-the-hell-Ill-do-something-really-weird style 🙂

So today, another one for the “Wrapped Up” Series. Check out the others below!


A hard few centuries… (#221/365)

I read a headline today that Al Gore compared climate change denial to racism. On actually reading the story he did nothing of the sort, but meant that hopefully, one day… the climate change for/against won’t be a conversation we need to have, people will realise it is happening and WE have to do something about it, along with the silly idea of the earth having infinite resources we can keep pulling out of the ground… there isn’t anyone else in the universe (that we know of) that can clean this mess up.

Mr Mum (#220/365)

Today I asked le BookFace community what I should draw for today’s Panic… from the massive (read one) response, I have drawn Mr Mum, asked for by Mrs Galloway, who along with her SuperCop hubbie are good friends of mine.

Mr Mum is the name I have given myself for the next 8 weeks as my wife Ellen has begun her placement at Mount Gambier hospital for her last year of a nursing degree. I am now the sole carer (during the day) for our 4.5 month old daughter Piper and our nearly-5 supergirl Neave… needless to say, I am handling like a champ and probably should be called SuperDad instead. 😉

P.S. I still have a rocking beard and scruffy hair hence why the Mr Mum bottle looks like a homeless person 🙂

Jesse Pinkman (#216/365)

I got some great feedback from the Breaking Bad inspired Panic yesterday and my lovely friend and funky designer-wife-photographer K-Jo (Kristyn Jones.. check her out here) asked if I could do Jesse next… so here he is. These two have taken around 45mins to do as they are Panics and Panics are a rush, but I would like to really spend some time on some more fan art like this and really make a go of it.

Im digging where Jesse is heading in this series too… Walt and Jesse are really starting to swap over with Walt making silly decisions because he believes himself so intelligent, and Jesse using his street and drug smarts to get ahead slowly and surely into the organisation (Even though Gus is manipulating it behind the scenes)