The One a Day Project 2011

Here are all the ‘One a Day’ illustrations to date, ordered from earliest to latest. The project finished on January 20th, 2012.

The final illustration of the project was The End (#365/365) ~ 20th January 2012.

If you say Jesus backwards it sounds like sausage

Lake, Codex, RadioheadNo idea...Sleight of Hand

49 thoughts on “The One a Day Project 2011”

  1. Ah! They’re wonderful! I really love your first one, saying “Jesus” backwards and all.

    I’d probably buy the “Mysterious case of the hairy shapes.” It’s intriguing, I imagine a story behind the enigma.

  2. hey ben, great concept and fantastic pics. if you do print them let me know as there are a few i would love to grab!

  3. Hi Ben just checked back in to see how the panic is going and love what i see. If you do decide to print some I know where I may do some Christmas shopping,between the t-shirts and prints i may cover a few gifts ideas. Thank mate

  4. Really inspiring work! Do these start as sketching in a sketchbook? if so are you just scanning them in to photoshop for editing? the one with the “50” drawn on a crinkled piece of paper is particularly nice. how did you do that?

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for the comment! All the illustrations, apart from where I’ve said they are markers and ink are done in illustrator cs4. As I’m doing one a day I have to try and get them done quickly… (I have a day job too!). I kind of mentally draw something during the day then get it drawn in illustrator that night. After drawing and coloring I take the piece into photoshop for some texturing, hence the crumbed paper on “50” ๐Ÿ™‚

      I also use a wacom board for all the digital illustrations.

  5. These are awesome! I especially like the turtle, octopus, and whale — wonderful illustrations. Great job on drawing nearly 200 illustrations — and good luck with reaching your goal!

      1. thanks ben:] cos i’m planning to buy a tablet but it’ll be my 1st one so i don’t have an experience in using tablets. does it really make a difference? is it really like drawing normally (just like on paper without pixelated lines?) sorry for the questions. this’ll be my last thanks Cheers:D

    1. Hey Hamilton, all my illustration unless otherwise stated are one in Abobe Illustrator with a Wacom board…. so kind of freehand but digital at the same time. Easier to fix mistakes too ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m proud of you! such hard work and amazing illustrations, every one of them exude your personality, keep going!

  7. Hi Ben! These are fantastic…it’s a little peek into a creatives mind! Love the feet in water, all the skulls and the skeletons in headware…and and and..hahah! You’ve got a great style. Love seeing them all on one page, that was a brilliant additive…makes it for me! S

  8. What great illustrations! I think they’d make a very interesting story book for children with discerning taste. It’s a good body of work that’s come out of your discipline – thanks for sharing.

  9. Woah man…
    Speechless but I’ll try to find some words.
    Damn I LOOOOVE your drawings. They’re just AMAZING!!!
    Specially the Skull dudes serie.
    KEEP UP THE WAY EXCELLENT WORK and the best to you for 2012.

  10. Your work is amazing. Is it all the work of just yourself, and not a ‘team’? (from elsewhere on your blog I get that impression it’s just you). The work is so varied and diverse, especially seeing as almost all done with a Wacom tablet. I am now a big fan.

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