Self Portrait Two (#21)

My hair and beard... wow. exciting stuff. 😐

Forgive me but it’s a bit of a slow day on the old ‘Panic with another self-portrait. Seems I’ve gone all “designer” on this one.

I was going to illustrate a female mullet (or Femmullet for the initiated) as per the request of Ms Bianca Gillin but I didn’t do it the justice it deserved and time was ticking, so I took the easy option and drew my hair (and beard). Truth be told, I got myself a flash new haircut yesterday! Mad props to Giannis!

I have been however, having mucho fun trying out new palettes and blend modes in Illustrator looking for that sweet high-key look that you see around in lots of photography these days… I think I nailed the tone with this one and I’m digging the gradient striations which normally I’d be fighting against in my paid print design work.

P.S. The Femmullet will make an appearance I promise!

Self Portrait (#10)

There comes a time in any young artist’s life where he embarks on the road of self discovery and … *pfft* yeah, whatever! Today’s post is a self-portrait. Just an illustration of me by me.

Just to note:

• The fills in-between the hair outlines were handled with Illustrator Live Paint… lazy but necessary when coming off of a few drinks the night before

This illustration was done on the 29th January 2011. It was completed in 14 minutes.

Me. In orange.