Happy Thors-day (#15)


Thursday is the fourth day of the week according to the ISO 8601 international standard adopted in most western countries. In countries that use the Sunday-first convention and in the Judeo-Christian calendar it is the fifth day of the week. It falls between Wednesday and Friday. The name is derived from Old English Þūnresdæg and Middle English Thuresday, which means “Thunor‘s day”. ~ Wikipedia

Thunor is of course THOR, the mythical god of thunder and lightning, the wielder of the mighty hammer Mjöllnir and character of the Marvel comic and soon-to-be released blockbuster movie. So to celebrate Thor’s Day (Thursday) here is a little illustration of Thor’s lesser known hammer he uses on formal occasions… the mighty fearsome *ahem* the well-dressed JÖNSI!

[EDIT]  I uploaded a different version, one with some more shading on JÖNSI. I think it looks tighter… and I just wanted to type JÖNSI again. JÖNSI.

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