The Modern Multi-linguist (#20)

Rodney is a busy man.

The worldly gentleman in this day and age is a busy, hectic creäture. Gone are the days when one could relax in the study, sipping a cheeky Pinot and ponder the questions of existence. Likewise, the time taken to learn a second, third or fourth language is simply too much. This is why those who must keep up appearances enlist the help of the fine people at Google translate. The world becomes a veritable orgasm of multi-linguistics without the need for extended study be it French, Latin or German just to name a few.

Today’s illustration has taken me back to the “let’s get this stuff out the door quickly!” as opposed to the last few efforts which have taken me a little while longer to do. Nice bold lines, simple colouring and hand drawn lettering done VERY quickly! All done approx. 25 minutes for this one. Mad props to Mrs Simone Kain for the “I’m fluent in English and Google translate” phrase!

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