Neave's butterfly


Today’s illustration is for my little daughter Neave. She was very chuffed with her Leeroy Lion t-shirt and asked if she could have a butterfly t-shirt as well and seeing I’m such a soft-touch here is Neave’s butterfly which will feature as the new Creative Panic t-shirt very soon!

As for the style, I heard the 90’s were coming back and man, if they do I’m digging out my old flannel, ripped jeans, converse high-tops and Mud Honey albums!

Hope you dig it!


3 thoughts on “Butterfly for Neave (#29)

  1. very cute! I can’t wait for the exhibition at the end of the year when you fill up a whole room with every drawing – floor to ceiling! I can’t believe you can pump out these pics so quick you freak!

    • Thanks Span! The 20 minute time limit has gone out the window though… they are edging closer around the 30-40min mark now! I’m talking with Susie about the exhibition but not sure if Ill be able to afford to have them all there… Might to a big 3m banner or something with all of them and then do a select few on the PopPanel stuff Mel was rockin’ at SS+Friends!

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