Winston’s Black Dog (#31)

...and the black dog walked over him

One whole month of The Creative Panic’s One a Days! Really didn’t think I’d last that long!

Today’s image is rather bleak and I considered not posting it seeing it was the one month milestone, but The Creative Panic is all about what I draw any given day so who am I to deny this illustrations introduction to the world.

I was reading about Sir Winston Churchill and how he suffered from depression throughout his life. He referred to the depressed feeling as his ‘black dog’ and that term is now quite widely used to describe the condition. Funnily enough as I was drawing this image, the song Dog by Andy Bull came on iTunes, the lyrics of which speak about the black dog of depression too! Crazy stuff!

Have a listen to Andy’s song in the YouTube clip below. It’s a very cool tune and features Lisa Mitchell on backing vocals (though you will be hard pressed at times to actually figure out which one of the vocalists she is as Andy has a unique voice for a guy!)

Almost forgot… Gorilla Sugar Skulls sticker comp! If you want to score one of these sweet stickers, then just comment on this post which of the 31 One a Day’s is your favourite and why. Doesn’t need to be an essay, just a few words and Ill pick 5 random replies who each get a sticker! YEW!

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