No Idea (#42)

No idea...

Just one of those days really, the creativity isn’t flowing and the normal lightning strike of inspiration has not come… but alas, I must solider on, for the good of… well, because a few people now know about this little project and I don’t want to look like a failure now do I!

After this one I still have 323 illustrations to do… a touch scary when you put a number on it!

3 thoughts on “No Idea (#42)”

  1. ben, i really like this, would make a cool tee for sure! colours and textures and font are spot on. love it.

  2. we all have plenty of those days! Soldier on ben… 323 is not many to go! (well OK it’s HEAPS but you can do it!) In ironman terms, you’re nearly 2km into the swim with only another 1.8km to swim, 180km to ride and 42.2km to run. EASY PEASY 🙂

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