Twin-Lens Reflex... Sex on Film!

I love my Yashica 635, the vintage medium format 120 film camera I rock with when I get the chance. There is something about the permanency of film that I love. I shoot digital on commercial jobs, but for personal work I prefer film most of the time. Check out my Flickr stream to see some shots off the Yashica.

Hi to all the visitors from FRESHLY PRESSED! This illustration is #44 in my One Illustration a Day project. I am up to #56 today and you can check out all the illustration to date here


56 thoughts on “It’s TLR Love (#44)

  1. I’ve used Hasselblads (and love them), but never a TLR. Probably the reason I’m so fascinated by them is because they remain mysterious to me. They’re one of the few kinds of cameras I’ve never actually used or even held. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow! I couldn’t have come across your site at a better time! I just finished a course in Illustrator and, also, recently purchased my Wacom tablet. I was just thinking yesterday how am I going to improve my skills and make sure I continue to grow in my art. You have just inspired me on how to do that–an illustration a day!

    Am definitely going to subscribe to your site and check back often for inspiration and maybe some camaraderie! Nice work.

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  4. you work with film. I work with words. We are on about the same thing. fixing the transient, capturing that moment in time. you would have loved the interview with Tony Mott, rock ‘n’ roll photographer the other day; he spoke eloquently about film

  5. I just went through your Flickr and I must say I feel jealous right now 😛 you have a WONDERFUL camera and the pictures are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. These are so cool! Looked at your illustrations- love the Rock Clock and the London Botany Bay ones…. you should make your illustrations into T-shirts etc… unless you already do… these are great!

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