Fear and Loathing (#61)

Football season is over...

I’m a huge Hunter S. Thompson fan. His style and the mythos surrounding the man himself has always amazed me. He influenced a new genre of journalism dubbed gonzo and had the knack of not only putting himself into the story, but could pull in the reader in with him, wide-eyed and scared shitless.

I was watching a documentary on Hunter yesterday and became to appreciate the man even more so today’s One a Day is a tribute to the main himself.

Ralph Steadman, Hunter’s go to Illustrator with his hectic, insane ink-stained illustrations, is also a hero of mine. I didn’t want to copy Ralph’s style, but the text within Hunter’s glasses is a tip of the hat the Steadman’s typography.

I’m off to Sydney today for work so the next two One a Day’s will be done from there!

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