Mr Mum (#220/365)

Today I asked le BookFace community what I should draw for today’s Panic… from the massive (read one) response, I have drawn Mr Mum, asked for by Mrs Galloway, who along with her SuperCop hubbie are good friends of mine.

Mr Mum is the name I have given myself for the next 8 weeks as my wife Ellen has begun her placement at Mount Gambier hospital for her last year of a nursing degree. I am now the sole carer (during the day) for our 4.5 month old daughter Piper and our nearly-5 supergirl Neave… needless to say, I am handling like a champ and probably should be called SuperDad instead. 😉

P.S. I still have a rocking beard and scruffy hair hence why the Mr Mum bottle looks like a homeless person 🙂

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