Dubstep (#231/365)

This one is for my little bro Liam!

What Dubstep looks like this inside my brain… well, that and battle robots riding dinosaurs with laser-beams attached to their heads.

Ha! This one got Freshly Pressed… my second Freshly Pressed in 6 months! AWESOME.Β Please make sure you check out the rest of the blog, I am #232 images in to my One Illustration a Day project!Β 

61 thoughts on “Dubstep (#231/365)”

  1. Interesting how another Freshly Pressed post today is dealing with “two choices” in terms of direction — and I’m seeing arrows pointing in opposite directions here, too.

    Either someone’s trying to send us all a message — or there’s a reason we all have choices on the brain!

    Of course, that’s just my interpretation of your piece. It probably means something altogether different…but it’s definitely cool looking!


  2. Love it / I have begun to collect images lately of what dubstep is interpreted to in art or pic form! Interesting isn’t it. If its for Liam, don’t you like dubstep? Congratz on the 2nd freshly pressed / how does that happen too ? / curious now.

  3. lol, i hope you dont mind me linking this on facebook?? i know a few folk in the dubstep-world and think they’ll appreciate this!
    congrats on being freshly pressed and you’ve got +1 follower in me

      1. cheers, im gonna have a good trawl through your work when i get a suitable chance. some lovely work from what i seen so far. the only time i ever tried a 365, i lasted 23 days – so i admire your dedication. im doing a project12 now instead, 1 a month – which is a touch more managable lol

  4. That’s pretty trippy. Haha I’m gonna think of this the next time I hear / play some dub. Great stuff and congrats on being Fresh (twice)! πŸ˜‰

  5. Ingenious design. I’m wondering if I am the only person to comment who instantly saw the letters D U B S T E P in the picture?

    My usual habit is to leave a poem by way of comment. However today I am kinda rushed, so I’m book-marking this post and will come back to it (and your other daily artwork) at my leisure.

    Kind regards,
    Marie Marshall

  6. I always imagined it to be more rounded, like explosions of ripples, then straight disjointed fissures. I love what you’ve done though.

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