How misunderstandings happen (#343/365)

I kinda bummed I won’t be doing The Creative Panic on the 22nd December 2012 because I won’t be able to draw something funny taking the piss on all those silly people who thought the world would end on the 21st December… I’m nasty like that 🙂

6 thoughts on “How misunderstandings happen (#343/365)”

  1. /facepalm

    A lot of people make a lot of assumptions about a lot of very in depth things that they know nothing about.
    I take this very seriously.
    Maybe I’m overreacting, but I say you should do some learning before you make assumptions about the intentions of others.

    1. /facepalm

      For you to assume I have not done any researching in to this topic only makes you look a little silly in your comment. 2012, like so many other ridiculous predictions of end times is just that, a ridiculous prediction drummed up to sell books based on non-existent evidence of these claims.

      Have a read here and I look forward to seeing which one of us replies first on the 22nd December 2012.

      1. And I might just add, this is an illustration blog where I just draw something stupid every day for a year… not some treatise on whether the Mayan Long Count calendar marks the end of times/eon-changing/polar-shift/planet-x/galaxy-centre-alignment bullshit… lighten up 🙂

  2. cant wait to see your funny drawing, i feel that people are just making a big deal out of 2012, so many other predictions have not come true, looking forward to seeing it

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