Beards of Faith (#349/365)

I thought I would get one more new series in before the end of the project…

As most of you know, I like beards. I have drawn many of them throughout the project and I used to own a magnificent beard myself until I made the silly mistake of shaving it off.

Today is the first in the series “Beards of….”  Tomorrow I will do Beards of ROCK… after that, it could be anything! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Beards of Faith (#349/365)”

  1. Love these.. Would love it if you could do an animation for me for my website that I. Would use on my front we page and then blog about you.. 🙂 and link

    Let me know


  2. Great Work! I will never ever get behind the modus of thinking for realising artwork in this style. All digital realisation or only digital finishing?

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