I am Cat… who the hell are you? (#351/365)

I like cats. They couldn’t care less about me. Bastards.

In other news, only 14 Panics to go… sorry for the incessant count-down but I’m more than a little pumped to tick this project off!

9 thoughts on “I am Cat… who the hell are you? (#351/365)”

  1. Great one! I love cats too! I just want you to know that I’m not much of a commenter but I have following Creative Panic (mostly through my email) since I discovered it last March. Great work and congrats on getting to the home stretch!

    1. Hey Sean,

      I remember you from your One a Day project too! You did a great job to get it done… thanks for the comment mate and also thanks for following the blog for so long!


  2. your cat is so cool. i like cats, too. very inspiring and independent. i wish i could have that i-cannot-care-less attitude all the time. can’t believe there are only 14 more to go til the end of your project. i really enjoy it. hope you will start something new (and equally exciting) after this. : )

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