Knowledge #2

A new illustration for y’all and a new layout for The Creative Panic blog… su-weeeeeeeet.

The illustration is a very loose, stream of consciousness piece which I enjoyed experimenting with. Essentially, just draw and put down colour and lines and see where it goes.

Interestingly enough (I use the word interesting loosely), when I just put own marks, with no real concept in mind, I always seem to end up drawing faces that are almost self-portraiture in nature in that they are male, thinnish and with short hair and big ears and noses. The piece did end up becoming more coherent to me quite quickly and as I became aware of the theme I did consciously expand on it, but far be it from me to explain the piece so I’ll let you, the viewer find some meaning within it, or not! 😀

Hope you are all having an awesome week and no doubt you will be hearing from me soon.


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