Beards of Rock (#350/365)

The next installment of the newly created “Beards of….” Series. Today, Beards of Rock featuring the good old whiskey-soaked rock pig, the metal-beard and the hipster-alt-folk-country-rock dude.

See below for the first in the series… Beards of Faith!

The Almost Invisible Hipster (#33)

Hispters. Too cool not to be completely un-seen

Um, yeah… not sure where this came from.

I wanted to draw some cool looking black rimmed glasses but they looked kinda boring on their own… but add some messy hair, a funky moustache, a flannelette shirt and you’ve got yourself the almost invisible hipster… almost because he would still want people to see the rocking hair and ‘tache combo, I know I would.

I’m enjoying working with the longer canvas at the moment and I’m digging the hell out of that font I used for today and yesterday.