The Project (#239/365)

Before this project is finished I want to paint a huge mural as one of the daily Panics… it would be a big ask but I think I can get it done… it would look something like this.

Make sure you click it to see it big and stuff!

T.J. Barnum – Monster All Star (#49)

T.J. Barnum Monster All Star

Known to many simply as T.J., Thomas James Barnum was arguably the greatest player to grace the court in the MGBA (Monsters & Ghouls Basketball Association). Unstoppable in offence and equally at home under the boards in defence, T.J. equalled legend Milf Chamberslain’s 50-point average score per game in his last season. T.J. now lives with his wife Marcia and their three children in a New Orléans swamp system and manages his clothing company T.J. Sportswear.