A little fellow I drew up over Easter… Didnt have my Wacom board so just did it with the pen tool in Illustrator CC and some Photoshop blend-mode craziness (too much in hindsight).

Mad RSI happening in my wrist right now! 🙂




Have just finished reading C.S. Lewis’s “The Screwtape Letters”… I really enjoyed it. Enough at least to draw ol’ Screwtape himself penning another diabolical letter to his eager (but hopelessly un-gifted at winnings souls) nephew, Wormwood.


The Four Evangelists

All finished! Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I am going to do a limited edition (20) screen-print of this poster. Stay tuned and I’ll post it up when printed and give you the details of how you could buy this little fella to hang on your wall… God bless you and yours!