A little fellow I drew up over Easter… Didnt have my Wacom board so just did it with the pen tool in Illustrator CC and some Photoshop blend-mode craziness (too much in hindsight).

Mad RSI happening in my wrist right now! 🙂



The Four Evangelists

All finished! Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I am going to do a limited edition (20) screen-print of this poster. Stay tuned and I’ll post it up when printed and give you the details of how you could buy this little fella to hang on your wall… God bless you and yours!

Bird… WORD! (#238/365)

I did another Bird is the Word around #100 but that was an actual painting is now living in the home of one Ms Lucy Waugh, a lovely person and friend of mine.

So here is another “Bird is the Word” in honour of the previous one and because I actually forgot I drew the first one until I had finished this one… the pitfalls of doing an illustration a day I suppose, I don’t remember all #238 of them 🙂

Bird is the Word (#85)

Bird. WORD!

Today is the first of many Panic’s created entirely without a computer! That’s right… I did done paint some purdy things!

The piece turned out sort of ok… really not liking the font for “IS THE”… looks kinda like a bad title font on a Atari 2600 Martial Arts game. Been a while since I wielded a brush with any kind of paint on it also and man, I miss that undo button!

So, Bird is the Word is painted on a crappy old wooden place-mat with acrylics. Excuse my crappy snapshot with my digital camera but enjoy this following picture of the painting in its natural habitat.

Workin' at the car-wa.. *ahem* ... working from home.

The Gold Canary (#26)

Gold, gold, gold canary

The Creative Panic is all about me mixing it up, getting away from the daily grind and having fun with illustration. I’d say I’m still finding my style, so I love to try different drawing styles from time to time. Today’s illustration, while nowhere near a technical masterpiece is honestly the most fun I’ve had with drawing for a while. Quick, loose lines with no use of CONTROL-Z (the modern eraser!) from start to finish.

I was sitting here, working away with iTunes on shuffle and Gold Canary by Cloud Control came on (the previous song was Closer by Nine Inch Nails and I really didn’t want to try to illustrate those lyrics if you know what I mean!) I grabbed the wacom pen, opened Illustrator and just went for it… a quickly as I could! I had a smile on my face for the 11 minutes it took to draw the thing (11 minutes because that’s how long it takes to play Gold Canary three times through!). I really dig the naïve feel of it, messy and chaotic.

And it’s a bird, WTF is it about me and birds at the moment… 🙂

Let me know what you think dudes!