Freak Dream (#133)

Thats the last time I eat a double salami pizza before going to bed

Thought I’d try the surreal-stream-of-consciousness-crazy-assed-illustration again today… still having the problem of not knowing when to stop although I think this one is a little more coherent than Mystic Mountain.

I wanted to do something that was as close to a freaky dream as possible, bordering on scary but not.

Trippin’ on a Sugar Overload (#125)

Back to the marker and paper in the real world today with another abstractly piece drawn with the letraset Pantone markers. You will start to see a pattern in the colours I’m using on these pieces… it’s because I only have seven usable markers left! Time for some more I think!

So, I started drawing with no real thing in mind apart from some nice contrasting shapes and weirdness and what turned out could only be described as the visuals you would get from too much sugar and other good stuff, hence the title! 🙂

Once again, drawn on 160gsm acid-free gouache paper (for that nice watercolourly effect) with Letraset Pantone Tria markers (all seven of them!)

Mystic (#120)

I done drew this with no fancy 'Puter!

OK, thought it was time for another old school Panic, actually drawn on real paper with real ink and by real people! Apologies for the crappy pic… looks heaps better in real life yo!

I busted out my wicked Pantone Letraset pens and got down with my bad self knocking out this abstract Mystic type dude (abstract cos I can draw anything and you still have to call it art!). I’m pretty happy with it considering I have no undo button!

The piece is 297 x 420mm on archival 160gsm acid free paper… and as with all the original Panic’s it’s for sale if anyone digs it enough! 🙂