Tribal Mystic (#284/365)

Thought I’d do some sweet geometric doodling today and this is what came out… enjoy! 🙂

Mystic Mountain (#132)

Mystic Mountain Madness

Another real life illustration… unfortunately I didn’t know when to stop on this one and now it’s a pretty full-on piece of weirdness.

Drawn on 160gsm A3 gouache paper with Letraset Tri Pantone Markers

Mystic (#120)

I done drew this with no fancy 'Puter!

OK, thought it was time for another old school Panic, actually drawn on real paper with real ink and by real people! Apologies for the crappy pic… looks heaps better in real life yo!

I busted out my wicked Pantone Letraset pens and got down with my bad self knocking out this abstract Mystic type dude (abstract cos I can draw anything and you still have to call it art!). I’m pretty happy with it considering I have no undo button!

The piece is 297 x 420mm on archival 160gsm acid free paper… and as with all the original Panic’s it’s for sale if anyone digs it enough! 🙂