WTF! (#222/365)

Wanted to draw something with a real weird-ass european surrealism but with a modern edge… WTF pretty much sums up the illustration and the description of what I wanted to draw 😀

Freak Dream (#133)

Thats the last time I eat a double salami pizza before going to bed

Thought I’d try the surreal-stream-of-consciousness-crazy-assed-illustration again today… still having the problem of not knowing when to stop although I think this one is a little more coherent than Mystic Mountain.

I wanted to do something that was as close to a freaky dream as possible, bordering on scary but not.

Leaves and things (#127)

See-through trees... Almost as scary as flying sharks.

Another real life illustration in that I have zero help from a computer or the undo button and another tree which I seem to be favouring lately too. Some close ups of the detail after the jump.

Illustration done on 160gsm A3 gouache art paper with Letraset Pantone markers and Staedtler fine art pens.

Detail 1
Detail 2