Leaves and things (#127)

See-through trees... Almost as scary as flying sharks.

Another real life illustration in that I have zero help from a computer or the undo button and another tree which I seem to be favouring lately too. Some close ups of the detail after the jump.

Illustration done on 160gsm A3 gouache art paper with Letraset Pantone markers and Staedtler fine art pens.

Detail 1
Detail 2

Phantom Limbs (#86)

Trees. Hover limbs optional extra.

Today’s Panic is a quickie as I’m off to the first home game of the season for the Pioneer’s Basketball team… should be a good night!

I struggled to get the tree roots right so just gave up and added in a quasi-futuristic pot thingy… lazy, I know.

Wowzer, only 14 posts off 100 Illustrations… Pumped!