A little fellow I drew up over Easter… Didnt have my Wacom board so just did it with the pen tool in Illustrator CC and some Photoshop blend-mode craziness (too much in hindsight).

Mad RSI happening in my wrist right now! 🙂



Much too sweet! (#19)

Look Neave... this is what happens!

No, I don’t have a tooth-ache today, but yesterday morning I was explaining to my sweet-toothed daughter how chocolate, ice cream and lollies can rot your teeth if you eat too much of them… she looked at me with a puzzling look, promptly dismissing the idea with a ‘don’t be silly daddy!” and proceeded to her tuck into her second Kinder snack bar in a row…. kids!?

So, I thought I’d demonstrate the effects of too much good stuff through some cute character design and pretty colours, that’ll each her! *ahem* yes, well.. at least I got out today’s illustration…

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