Eye Two (#150)

I sat down to knock out a panic an hour ago and Eye from yesterday was still on the screen and for whatever reason I thought it needed more so away I went. Main deciding factor for the shape was I think this will be pretty close to what I’d like done on my forearm when I get around to having some more ink done.

Some of the regular Panic people will recognise the sword and feather from a Panic done a few months ago… Lazy I know, but this illustration was going to become a tat so I wasn’t past using old Panic parts to get it done 🙂

Every part of the illustration above does mean something to me, whatever the level of importance… (a song reference is in there!). I’m not a huge fan of rattling off the deep and hidden meanings behind a tattoo I want… I know the parts and the whole mean something to me personally and it looks cool too so I leave others to discover the meaning for themselves or just appreciate the artistry and skill of the design and of the tattooist.