Spider Gent!


spidergentWell, it’s been well over three years since I have posted a new Creative Panic illustration! I’ve been very busy bringing George the Farmer to life, illustrating his books and writing/singing all his songs!

So… I was working extremely late last night and around 1:30am, I decided I’d unwind the old grey matter with a funny illustration… You may have heard of Spiderman, but this dapper fellow is Spider Gent!

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning… (#1)

is a good Smashing Pumpkins song andĀ also featured on the soundtrack for Batman and the trailer for Watchmen but I digress.

Well, after a false start at blogging many years ago Im going to give it another go! Essentially, I will be posting an image a day which I have drawn. The drawing will be about anything and everything and the only limit is it should only take me 20 minutes or less to draw (if it takes longer Ill let people know so they can chastise and ridicule me in dark places over drinks)

And now Im playing catch-up as I starting this drawing thing on FaceBook three days ago… so lets get this sh*t done!

The first image I did was Sausage Jesus… Thursday, 20th January 2011.

sesuj... mmmmm, sesuj