A New Creative…


Hello all you Panic-lovers out there.

Well… a few you have wondered what is the go with all the Jesus inspired Panics of late so now is the time to let you know the deal! 🙂

Around six months ago I began to question my long-held beliefs of “non-belief”. I had come to a dead-end in my atheistic, reductionist way of thinking and found something I had always been looking for in Christ. Believe me, it was a very confronting and uneasy time for me seeing I had all but discounted religion (and especially Christianity) as being a bunch of non-sense! But though many days and nights of reflection, study, YouTubing, Interwebbing and the like, what I had always been looking for was to be found (for me) in the Gospels.

For those who know me, I am not one to accept anything on word alone but in Christ I have found Truth… and now to introduce the new chapter in my illustrative life… A Creative Ministry. A place where I minister to the world through illustration and word. If you have any interest in the Good News or just like some sweet illustrative goodness, I would love for you to follow.

This doesn’t mean the end of the Creative Panic… I will still be posting illustrative goodness to this blog, but of a secular variety and all my “Jesus stuff” will be heading to http://www.acreativeministry.com

Thank you to all of you who continue to follow thecreativepanic.com!

Much love and God bless!


Jesus Saves… 1.44mb at a time! (#286/365)

One of my favourite Panics was the very first one I did…. Sausage Jesus. So I thought I’d knock up another in the same style.

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The Beginning is the End is the Beginning… (#1)

is a good Smashing Pumpkins song and also featured on the soundtrack for Batman and the trailer for Watchmen but I digress.

Well, after a false start at blogging many years ago Im going to give it another go! Essentially, I will be posting an image a day which I have drawn. The drawing will be about anything and everything and the only limit is it should only take me 20 minutes or less to draw (if it takes longer Ill let people know so they can chastise and ridicule me in dark places over drinks)

And now Im playing catch-up as I starting this drawing thing on FaceBook three days ago… so lets get this sh*t done!

The first image I did was Sausage Jesus… Thursday, 20th January 2011.

sesuj... mmmmm, sesuj