A New Creative…


Hello all you Panic-lovers out there.

Well… a few you have wondered what is the go with all the Jesus inspired Panics of late so now is the time to let you know the deal! 🙂

Around six months ago I began to question my long-held beliefs of “non-belief”. I had come to a dead-end in my atheistic, reductionist way of thinking and found something I had always been looking for in Christ. Believe me, it was a very confronting and uneasy time for me seeing I had all but discounted religion (and especially Christianity) as being a bunch of non-sense! But though many days and nights of reflection, study, YouTubing, Interwebbing and the like, what I had always been looking for was to be found (for me) in the Gospels.

For those who know me, I am not one to accept anything on word alone but in Christ I have found Truth… and now to introduce the new chapter in my illustrative life… A Creative Ministry. A place where I minister to the world through illustration and word. If you have any interest in the Good News or just like some sweet illustrative goodness, I would love for you to follow.

This doesn’t mean the end of the Creative Panic… I will still be posting illustrative goodness to this blog, but of a secular variety and all my “Jesus stuff” will be heading to http://www.acreativeministry.com

Thank you to all of you who continue to follow thecreativepanic.com!

Much love and God bless!


11 thoughts on “A New Creative…”

  1. Wow! I know what you went through. While I wasn’t an atheist I went through most of my life as a New Ager hating/distrusting God. It wasn’t until I began writing my first novel that God started tapping me on the shoulder. My book takes place in the late 1800’s and I threw scripture in to make the story more period correct, but then I started being influenced by the scripture. Eventually I raced through the Bible and after much wrestling came to really believe in JC and the salvation story. Congratulations and I LOVE your work!

  2. The graphic is great and very insightful and inspiring blog post. I too have become to develop a strong christian faith and have used my graphic design skills to develop work themed around my faith.

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