Get a Tattoo… (#269/365)

I love tattoos. I consider a great tattoo akin to a great piece of art and those who get inked with these great tattoos as art collectors. What I don’t like is those getting a tattoo in a place where no one will ever see it (like it’s a nasty scab one should hide away) and so small it might as well have not been done in the first place.

This is, of course my own opinion and I would never tell anyone to do anything they didn’t want to do, but if you do want a tattoo, research the topic of the tattoo what you want to get… make it mean something even if it just that it is cool as f*ck, talk to heaps of tattoo artists, check out their work and get it as big as possible! 🙂

Eye Two (#150)

I sat down to knock out a panic an hour ago and Eye from yesterday was still on the screen and for whatever reason I thought it needed more so away I went. Main deciding factor for the shape was I think this will be pretty close to what I’d like done on my forearm when I get around to having some more ink done.

Some of the regular Panic people will recognise the sword and feather from a Panic done a few months ago… Lazy I know, but this illustration was going to become a tat so I wasn’t past using old Panic parts to get it done 🙂

Every part of the illustration above does mean something to me, whatever the level of importance… (a song reference is in there!). I’m not a huge fan of rattling off the deep and hidden meanings behind a tattoo I want… I know the parts and the whole mean something to me personally and it looks cool too so I leave others to discover the meaning for themselves or just appreciate the artistry and skill of the design and of the tattooist.

Key to my Heart (#68)


For Elle, Neave and Baby Hood #2

Today’s Panic is a personal one. My lovely and heavily pregnant wife pointed out to me last night I hadn’t dedicated an illustration to her so to rectify that here is today’s… You will notice the top of the key has the letters E, N and a ? for Ellen, Neave and Baby Hood #2 which is due in three weeks!


You girls (and whatever Baby Hood turns out to be…) have the key to my heart. Don’t lose it, they are expensive to replace 😉



The illustration today has a bit of a Mambo vibe, inspired by a few illustrative heroes of mine, namely Reg Mombassa and Jeff Ragless.

The Pen or the Sword (#41)

The Pen or the Sword...

I really enjoy tattoo’s. Looking at them, seeing them getting done, getting them done on me. They are an awesome form of self-expression and when you get a good artist you really have a piece of fine art on your body forever… that is cool. Within the tattoo genre, the old school Sailor Jerry look is quite popular with the young’ns these days so today’s image is a little tip of the hat in that direction. The all-seeing eye, a (feather) pen and a sword… got no idea how that came about but here it is! 🙂