Dinosaur (#197/365)

A very quick Panic tonight, got to get ready to head out for some beer tasting madness at the Commodore on the Park! His tail is a bit off and the shading is too but hey, it still looks kinda like a dinosaur!

My little girl Neave asked me to draw the friendly dinosaur tonight so Neave, this one is for you!

Key to my Heart (#68)


For Elle, Neave and Baby Hood #2

Today’s Panic is a personal one. My lovely and heavily pregnant wife pointed out to me last night I hadn’t dedicated an illustration to her so to rectify that here is today’s… You will notice the top of the key has the letters E, N and a ? for Ellen, Neave and Baby Hood #2 which is due in three weeks!


You girls (and whatever Baby Hood turns out to be…) have the key to my heart. Don’t lose it, they are expensive to replace 😉



The illustration today has a bit of a Mambo vibe, inspired by a few illustrative heroes of mine, namely Reg Mombassa and Jeff Ragless.