Dude, where’s my UFO?


UFO. Unidentified Funky Object.

UFO’s are cool. There really is no denying that. They have outreach programs to redneck communities im America’s mid-west, they keep our bovine population from overcrowding and are kind enough to come and mow our field’s now and then (and get creative in the process!). So today’s illustration is a tip of the old tin-foil hat to our Alien brethren up there in the sky plotting our destruction and/or acceptance into the Intergalactic Council of Populated Planets. Enjoy!


I wanted to break from the normal square-shaped canvas I’ve used of late and this image really lent itself to a long shape. I also couldn’t decide on the colour for this one so I did a few different ones you can check out:


UFO colour option #2
UFO colour option #3