Future Finds: Sky Towns (#76)


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I’m really enjoying this new series I’m doing, Future Finds gives me an opportunity to get a bit silly and sci-fi all at the same time!

Future Finds #121: Sky Towns

In the year 2011, overpopulation will send many humans to the skies. Massive aeroplanes with bio-domes attached cruise the air offering theirĀ  residents beautiful views of such earth wonders like the Amazon desert and the arctic wastelands of Australia.

Burn Baby Burn! (#38)


Both Ends


It really does seem like people are getting busier and busier. With the constant barrage of email and social networks and with our phones being almost as powerful as the computers we work on, the technology which makes it easier to work, makes us work more… are we burning the candle at both ends, and what happens when there is nothing left to burn?

Once again, today’s image almost didn’t make it! I was racing in the Beachport Triathlon today, and although I got sunburnt I had a great race and am very happy with the result. Well done to all my tri buddies that raced today!