The Deer (#233/365)


Wow, I am now the proud owner of two “Freshly Pressed” Front Page features within 6 months of each other… The DUBSTEP Panic from yesterday making it and the TRL Love Panic from a few months ago also being picked for Freshly Pressed!

Today is a continuation of the Wrapped/Thread Series I have been doing… you can check out the others below!

Take a Seat (#224/365)

I am starting to feel like I want to draw again after a good month or two of completely over doing an Illustration a Day… I was starting to over think concepts and fussing over silly stuff which added to the time to do a Panic. Lucky, I got myself out of that and am back to the slap-dash-what-the-hell-Ill-do-something-really-weird style 🙂

So today, another one for the “Wrapped Up” Series. Check out the others below!