White Winter Hymnal (#12)

White Winter Hymnal

So here I was, wondering how I’ll top Gorilla Sugar Skull as I really think it’s my best ‘One a Day’ so far… To be honest it was struggle street in coming up with something so I thought I’d draw a picture of the next song that came on my iTunes. Thank Sausage Jesus that the song was White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes, a lovely little folk song about children’s heads falling off in the snow! For some reason, I always picture a little fox (I wonder why?!) wearing a little jacket and scarf walking through the snow. So there you have it, my drawing of a little fox in the snow brought to you by the letter F and the band Fleet Foxes.

You may also notice the white dots are getting used rather extensively throughout the project. They have been stars in the Pale Blue Dot and The Leadership illustrations and now snow! Copy and paste is your friend when you have 20 minutes in which to finish!


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4 thoughts on “White Winter Hymnal (#12)”

  1. I’ve been going through your pictures (I’m on this interestingly funny art exploration thing that is taking up far too much time this saturday morning but what can I say? Its amusing me!) and I meant to leave a message on the last one after I’ve looked through all of them but I really like this picture, drawing, what have you! Maybe it’s because I appear to be getting stuck in snow alot lately but very nice job!

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