Superhopperus Maximus (#17)

Superhopperus Maximus

Superhopperus Maximus – An amazing beast that although flightless, travels (at incredible speed) by hopping on its reptile-scale like underbelly.

I really enjoyed being a little more exact in yesterday’s illustration, using finer lines for shading and what not so I decided to carry that across to today’s image as well… more focus on nice line work and less on the think, solid stroke look I’ve been doing.

My daughter Neave and I were watching Pixar’s UP for the 723rd time last night and I have always enjoyed the part when Kevin, the crazy-arsed bird that follows Carl and Russell around makes his apperance. So after waking up this morning, I decided to draw a bird. (Take that Simone Kain!)

Inspiration for the style of the illustration came from Chris Edser, an awesome Adelaide illustrator whose work I really dig.

Illustration notes:

Done completely in Illustrator with the brush and blob tools with my Wacom board. I use Illustrator as opposed to Photoshop as I want to retain the artwork in a vector format so if I want to enlarge at anytime, I can.

The paper texture was added at the end (just one taken from Google Images) and I popped in some text with the Texas Hero font, the go-to handwriting font if you need something that looks old! I should have hand-lettered myself but it’s the weekend and I want to chill out a bit so chalk that up to laziness. I drew in the wine glass stain for a bit of fun.

9 thoughts on “Superhopperus Maximus (#17)”

  1. That is amazing! You are really talented, especially creating it in Illustrator rather than Photoshop – completely agree with the reasoning behind it, just makes the job harder.

    Well done!

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