Chicken Disco (#25)


Chicken Disco BABY!


I’ve just got back home after doing the Kingston S.E. Short Course Triathlon. Nothing like a swim, ride and run to make you feel like you alive, and then dead, and then alive again, then in need of an ambulance and finally, alive again. Did the 500m swim, 13.3km bike and 3.6km run in 58 minutes and 45 seconds. I am really the worst swimmer in history and every triathlon I do I get very panicky half way through the swim and my stroke goes to the dogs/sharks. But I really enjoying doing them so the more I do the better I’ll get!

So today’s image was actually done late last night while I was in my motel room trying to get to sleep in preparation for the race! Once again, no wacom board this time so it’s all just bezier-pen tool. Go easy on it, it’s not my best! I’m continuing the avian theme with CHICKEN DISCO… he likes to disco. A lot.

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