The Nightcap (#24)

Time for a drink!

Today’s illustration had to be done sans Wacom board while I’m in my home town of Naracoorte for the weekend. My wife Elle is working a weekend shift at the local retirement village, our daughter is visiting my sister with my mum in Adelaide and I’m racing in the Kingston S.E. Triathlon on Sunday… all go!

I love owls and once our new baby is born (6 weeks to go!) I’m going to draw up a nice big tattoo with two little owls representing my daughter Neave and Baby Hood #2 and get it done somewhere nice and prominent! The owl in today’ illustration is enjoying a nice glass of wine and I’m going to dedicate this image to my business partner Simone, the only person I know that drinks more night-time wine than me! 🙂

… and now my hands hurt because I’m not used to using to drawing with the pen tool and the MacBook Pro trackpad anymore!

11 thoughts on “The Nightcap (#24)”

  1. That’s nice!
    Hope your hand is doing well, i have to work without my wacom for some days now, my boss borrowed it missed to give it back… it is kind of lost. uuuuuuuurgh.
    Nicwe work here 🙂

  2. This is cool honey, I love it! However, it is not in 6 weeks we will be welcoming Baby Hood it is 9 but I will just put this down to a dislexic moment. Love ya xo

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