On my way down

So, the “One illustration a day for one year” project has come and gone and in what has become a habit, I am still drawing silly pictures daily. How wonderful. Here is Owl man… or On my way down… or, Untitled #1. You can name it whatever you like. I’m planning on expanding on this one and put it down with Oils which will be awesome fun hopefully…. hopefully.

The Nightcap (#24)

Time for a drink!

Today’s illustration had to be done sans Wacom board while I’m in my home town of Naracoorte for the weekend. My wife Elle is working a weekend shift at the local retirement village, our daughter is visiting my sister with my mum in Adelaide and I’m racing in the Kingston S.E. Triathlon on Sunday… all go!

I love owls and once our new baby is born (6 weeks to go!) I’m going to draw up a nice big tattoo with two little owls representing my daughter Neave and Baby Hood #2 and get it done somewhere nice and prominent! The owl in today’ illustration is enjoying a nice glass of wine and I’m going to dedicate this image to my business partner Simone, the only person I know that drinks more night-time wine than me! 🙂

… and now my hands hurt because I’m not used to using to drawing with the pen tool and the MacBook Pro trackpad anymore!

HAL’s pet OWL (#13)


Headache. That’s what I got and it ain’t going nowhere.

Today’s ‘One a Day’ is, to be honest a “let’s get this stuff finished so I can go and lie down” kinda deal. My brain just isn’t up to the task of anything witty or insightful.

Introducing OWL-9000, HAL-9000’s pet Owl. Kubrick actually cut nearly all of OWL-9000’s appearances out of 2011: A Space Odyssey but if you look closely in the scene where HAL is reading Dave and Frank’s lips while they are discussing what to do, you can see OWL’s little antenna pop into frame. True story! OK, OK… that’s my brain starting to shut down. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be headache free and ready to move forward, not backward, upward not forward, and always twirling, twirling, twirling towards freedom… ahem… time to go.