On my way down

So, the “One illustration a day for one year” project has come and gone and in what has become a habit, I am still drawing silly pictures daily. How wonderful. Here is Owl man… or On my way down… or, Untitled #1. You can name it whatever you like. I’m planning on expanding on this one and put it down with Oils which will be awesome fun hopefully…. hopefully.

The Flowerpot Guy (#342/365)

Hello to all the new subscribers for today, had a good run on the site views as I was featured in a One a Day post on the WordPress blog which is very cool! For the newbies, The Creative Panic is a One a Day Illustration blog and as you can see from the numbers in this post heading I have just done my 342nd post!

I mainly use Illustrator CS4 and my Wacom board to create each drawing and they take me anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours to do. I run a creative agency called helloFriday during the day so I don’t have heaps of time for and my “Panics” tend to be quickly drawn hence why you might see some rough line or colour work now and again.

So, only 22 illustrations to go until this project will be finished… to be honest I’m starting to feel a little sad that it will finish at 365. I’d love to start doing some more commission and editorial work so I think I’ll push that once the One a Day is done.

Thanks to all the subscribers and comments so far, it’s made it easier to keep the project going and good luck to anyone who is planning to start a One a Day blog for 2012.

World’s Worst Superhero #27: Pepper Spray Man (#289/365)

The conversation over dinner tonight turned into a telling of some of our best pepper-spray stories… I relived the time during 1997 when I was enjoying some McDonalds after a Pearl Jam concert when a fight broke out in the restaurant… before anyone could react, a strange man casually walked in, pepper-sprayed the trouble-maker and promptly walked out again never to be seen again! He was. PEPPER-SPRAY MAN!

So really… he was a pretty good superhero… in a sense 🙂