World’s Worst Superhero #27: Pepper Spray Man (#289/365)

The conversation over dinner tonight turned into a telling of some of our best pepper-spray stories… I relived the time during 1997 when I was enjoying some McDonalds after a Pearl Jam concert when a fight broke out in the restaurant… before anyone could react, a strange man casually walked in, pepper-sprayed the trouble-maker and promptly walked out again never to be seen again! He was. PEPPER-SPRAY MAN!

So really… he was a pretty good superhero… in a sense 🙂

1 thought on “World’s Worst Superhero #27: Pepper Spray Man (#289/365)”

  1. Love that drawing, and love your blog! On the other-hand though…I am no fan of pepper spray after been caught with it by some un-hero-type-person…and man, it PAINS!!! I like your version of the pepper-spray-bomber!

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