Ned Kelly (#235/365)

Ned Kelly, Australian Bushranger and iconic hero to the rise against british oppression in colonial Australia.

The chap had a good taste in headwear too.

My thoughts go to all who are still affected by the devastation and loss from the events of September 11. No one will ever forget.

1 thought on “Ned Kelly (#235/365)”

  1. I was affected emotionally and spiritually effected that night and I wont forget and I was here in AUS… I find this strange as none of my friends were that worried they didn’t send their kids to school like me. I still wonder why I felt that way then, I have weathered much ridicule for my decision to not send them that day. First with the teachers who in effect put my status of worry as an over reaction and I lost all respect as a logical thinking mother in their eyes that day! I wont forget and I am saddened for the ones left behind too!

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