2012 Create Awards

The Creative Panic has been shortlisted for the 2012 Create Awards and I am flying to Melbourne tomorrow to attend the Awards Night. I’m in the company of some über-awesome illustrators so I don’t have my hopes high for a win but it really is an honour to be shortlisted for the award as this is a national award for the design and creative industry in Australia.



Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival Design Prize!

Hey all… I’ve been busy drawing and painting things but nothing to show you all just yet! In the meantime, if you fancy yourself as a designer of most excellent and rad skillz, check this out! It’s a great comp with a nice little cash prize!

All you dudes and dudettes should get going and design up a storm.. word is, a certain illustrator is one of the judges too… um, me! 🙂

Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival Design Prize

The 2012 Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival Design Prize is back again this year and we’re once again seeking your creative talents to create the 2013 design concept for South Australia’s leading regional arts festival.

The chosen design will be used for all promotional material including a full colour 44 page programme, A3 poster, flyers, website, television commercial and more. This is a great opportunity to have your work viewed by mass audiences!

The invitation is extended to design an A3 poster for the 2012 Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival Design Prize.

The Prize

The winner will receive a $1000 cheque kindly donated by the Arts Festival Committee (wouldn’t that be great to put towards your next laptop or software?!) and the designers of two highly commended entries will each receive one dozen bottles of wine from Raidis Estate.

Submission Deadline

Poster concepts must be received by Friday, May 11. That’s only 9 days away!

Download the Design Prize info and submission form!

Further information about the festival can be found at: http://www.artsfestival.com.au with the 2012 programme being available for download in a week’s time.

For those interested, this year’s festival is running for a massive 12 days from May 17 – 27. Don’t forget to check the programme out for workshops, exhibitions and our headline acts.

The Lizard Illustration (#59)

Make sure you click the image for full size!

I love lazy weekends at home because it gives me a chance to spend a little more time on the daily Panic. I’m continuing the animal theme with a Frill-Neck Lizard, the coolest Australian Animal!

Drawing done in Illustrator with the Wacom board.

This Sydney Cove place looks like a good spot… (#7)

In 1788, the British First Fleet sailed into Botany Bay to establish a penal colony. Finding Botany Bay unsuitable, they sailed 12km north to Sydney Cove,  pitched a few tents there… and BLAMMO! Australia was born.

Today, people celebrate Australia Day/Hottest 100 Day/Invasion Day… call it what you like, I’ll still be eating burnt sausages and drinking beer. Though I tried not to be political, I at least made it tongue-in-cheek… sorta.

This drawing took 20 minutes and was done on January 26th, 2011.

1788 - Australia done got borned


from “You Beauty” (Australian Slang)

1. Heard when someone is excited or pleased with a situation, event or prospective engagement of a future event… and stuff.
2. Popular with surfing, hang-gliding freaks named Alex.

Inspired by my brother from another mother Alex Cleland… did the “yew!” first then remembered back to the days of old in primary school when everything needed that bubble-text, drop-shadow, 3-d coolness so I added that. The diamond-y heart-ish shape just formed around it from then, no reason other than I thought it looked cool as…. that’s it!

This drawing was done on Sunday, 23rd January. It took 17 minutes.

Get ya YEW on!

Ken Oath, the Australian Mystery Man of Mystery (#2)

OK, here is drawing two which was done on Friday, 21st January 2011. The drawing took 20 minutes.

I had heard someone say Kenoath that day and was chuckling to myself how some friends of mine used to shorten down the saying to just Ken! (for those who don’t know what Kenoath means, it is aussie slang for f**king Oath which in turn is in itself aussie slang I suppose).

Anyway, I got down to drawing! I started off with the word kenoath, just playing around the size, style etc and thought it was a little plain by itself. So I added in a crude map of Australia, reversed the text out of it and thought, yeah… looks cool but it’s not really saying anything to me. I pondered on this for a few minutes and asked myself what would I think Kenoath means if I was not from Australia and had never heard the term… would I think I was a person, this Ken Oath fellow? So I went with that thought and started drawing in the Aussie Mystery Man.

Now, the mystery man bit got me thinking again of another mystery man that had his name used without people really knowing what the term meant… WHO IS JOHN GALT from Ayn Rand’s huge tome, Atlas Shrugged. With that in mind I added in the WHO IS, drew a quick silhouette of an Aussie looking outback man and there you have it!

Who is Ken Oath?